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Dayaan Cassiem started playing for central hockey club in Cape Town/ South Africa. He made his debut for the national team at the age of 17 against Holland while he was still in school.


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Mochemgludbach/ Gludbach

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Stick model name

Brabo Elite

The hockeystick of Dayaan Cassiem

The Elite 2 WTB Classic Curve TeXtreme

The Brabo Elite-2 CC TeXtreme hockey stick is the choice of various top players. This stick contains the exclusive TeXtreme carbon fibers that are also used in the high-tech Formula 1 industry. These exclusive TeXtreme carbon fibers are extremely light and extremely strong. By using these fibers in the Brabo TeXtreme series, we create a stick with the following properties: Ultra Light, Maximum stiffness, Maximum Power. In addition, the Elite series is equipped with the new Wave Torsion Box Technology. This exclusive technology ensures optimal torsional rigidity by applying a wave construction in the shaft. On off-center hits, the wave construction corrects to get more redundancy out of your shots. The stick has an EVA Buffgrip that provides extra cushioning and comfort. The 24 mm CC curve (mid bow) is ideal for an all-round playing style.

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Q & A

What is the best advice you ever got and who gave it to you?
Hard work beats talent

What other sport would you like to be great at and have you already tried this? What was you experience with it?
Football, I could’ve been a pro football player

What other athlete do you admire and why?

Tobias haulke, very good player and has so much passion

If you wanted to live in another country, which would is be and why?

Dayaan Cassiem