TeXtreme X-3 249,95

TeXtreme X-1

The TeXtreme X-1 LTD LB Black Ed. is the choice of top players. This stick has an exclusive carbon fiber that comes directly from the high-tech laboratories of Formula 1 and provides the strongest, stiffest and lightest construction. In addition, the stick is equipped with the new Wave Torsion BoX Technology. This Brabo innovation results in higher torsional stiffness for accurate off-center hits in combination with a thinner curl. The stick has an EVA Cordgrip which provides extra cushioning and therefore offers more comfort. Ultra-light, extremely stiff, maximum power and a wider margin for off-center hits.




36.5″, 37.5″, 38.5″


L – 550 – 590 gram, M – 590> gram, XL – 520 – 550 gram, XXL – 475 – 520 gram


TeXtreme Carbon 100%


Classic 24mm, Extreme Low Bow, Extreme Low Bow Dragflick, Low Bow

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The 24 mm CC curve (mid bow) is ideal for an all-round playing style.

The 24 mm “Low Bow” curve gives you optimal control and makes the execution of 3D skills even easier.

The 24 mm “Extreme Low Bow” makes this stick extremely suitable for the optimal corner, giving high balls and performing 3D skills.

The 24 mm DF features an extreme curve, an oval grip and a special recess in the shaft for the optimal dragflick. Together with Brabo ambassador Maartje Paumen and sleeppush expert Toon Siepman, this dragflick technology has been developed. This gives you the maximum return from your dragflick.