Margot van Geffen

Margot van Geffen started playing hockey at a Hockeyclub in Tilburg, called Forward. But it doesn’t exist anymore. After two years in Rotterdam, I went to Den Bosch where she started my 12th season now.
Her debut was at Forward in the Hoofdklasse.

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The hockeystick of Margot van Geffen

Pure Studio Elite WTB Classic Curve

The Brabo Pure Studio Elite WTB CC hockey stick is the choice of various top players like Margot. The 100% Prepreg carbon construction ensures maximum stiffness and a lot of power. In addition, the Pure Studio Elite series is equipped with the new Wave Torsion Box Technology. This exclusive technology ensures optimal torsional rigidity by applying a wave construction in the shaft. On off-center hits, the wave construction corrects to get more redundancy out of your shots. The 24mm CC curve (mid bow) makes it suitable for multiple playing styles.

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About Margot

Date of birth




Current Club

Den Bosch

Current field position

Left or right midfielder

Player number


Stick model name

Brabo Elite

Q & A

What is the best advice you ever got and who gave it to you?
A lot, but my mom kept asking me… do you still like it?

What other sport would you like to be great at and have you already tried this? What was you experience with it?
I really like Padel at the moment. I want to be better so that I stay fit during the winter.

What other athlete do you admire and why?

I always have been a big fan of Roger Federer. What he achieved with his technique and being an athlete. 

If you wanted to live in another country, which would is be and why?
Sho… I would say South Africa but because of the safety situation I’ll go for New Zealand. Actually same reason as South Africa. The people are very friendly, helpful and hospitable, also the nature is flipping awesome.