Wave Torsion Box

Maximum strength and stiffness, the Elite Series is equipped with the Wave Torsion Box Technology. Due to this innovation the stick becomes stiffer both in terms of length and torsion due to a diagonal wave structure. The force on an asymmetrical design is converted by the diagonal wave torsion box into pure speed of the ball, efficiency and dynamic power.

Elite Series

High Modulus Carbon

High Modulus Carbon is one of the leading materials also used in the bike industry to give the bikes maximum strength. The high modulus is the technical term for extreme stiffness. Due to this, the hockeystick is stronger and stiffer than hockeysticks with regular carbon. This High Modulus Carbon material gives the hockeystick great stiffness and strength to deliver more power in your game.

Forged Carbon

Forged Carbon is a different technology than the existing carbon technology and was first introduced by Lamborghini in the car industry. In this technology many little carbon fibers are fused together and molded to create the hockeystick which makes it stronger and stiffer. The Forged Carbon material used in a number of Brabo sticks will deliver great power to your hockey game.


Brabo Hockey has another technology, called The PowerZone®. This technology helps you to improve your game. It ensures optimum power  over the entire hockeystick, so you can hit the ball even harder. Especially for players who love to hit the ball with their backhand, this technology is perfect. The Powerzone technology is included in every senior stick.


The 24 mm curve makes this hockeystick versatile for different playing styles.


The LB II “Low Bow II” curve in combination with the renewed thinner toe, ensures an optimum control and makes the 3D skills even easier.


The ELB II “Extreme Low Bow II” in combination with the renewed thinner toe, makes this stick extremely suitable for the optimal dragflick, giving high balls and making the 3D skills even easier.


The DF II “dragflick II” has an extreme curve, an oval grip and a special cut-out in the shaft for the optimal dragflick. Together with Maartje Paumen and dragflick specialist Toon Siepman, we have developed this technology.

Improve Yourself with Brabo Hockey