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Thierry Brinkman started at SCHC when he was 10 years old. He played there till he was 15. After SCHC, he played 2 years in the youth of SV Kampong after that 3 years in the frist of SV Kmapong. From 2015 he plays for HC Bloemendaal. His debut at the highest level was January 2015 in and against South Africa.


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HC Bloemendaal

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Stick model name

Brabo tradional 100

The hockeystick of Thierry Brinkman

The Traditional Carbon 100 Orginal Classic Curve

The Brabo Traditional Carbon 100 Original CC hockey stick is the choice of various top players. The 100% high modulus carbon fibers give the stick maximum stiffness and a lot of power. With this stick you generate a lot of ball speed in an easy and coordinated way. This makes the stick widely applicable at any position in the field. The Traditional Carbon 100 Original is an absolute winner with a rich past. The 24mm CC curve (mid bow) makes it suitable for multiple playing styles.

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Q & A

What is the best advice you ever got and who gave it to you?
Michel van den Heuvel: take care of your fundamentals

What other sport would you like to be great at and have you already tried this? What was you experience with it?
Golf, It is bit similar and most golfcourses are amazing to visit. I really like it to play when we have a day off during a training camp in a foreign country. It is also a great sport to play with your friends in the Netherlands. We have great golfcourses and I like to play, have a good talk during the day.

What other athlete do you admire and why?

Lionel Messi, because he performs at the highest level for so many years. Every year is good, no big shape dips during his career. He is always there to perform. He is always decisive.

If you wanted to live in another country, which would is be and why?
South Africa, because it is the most beautiful country I ever visited. I really like the nature and the atmosphere there. So many beautiful places.

Thierry Brinkman